Ultra with Z7

How is Ultra different than others?


This is important to note because in order for us to make Ultra we had to use many different ingredients and compounds not found in any other computer coolant out there. Ultra was made for the experienced water cooling pc enthusiasts which knew how to be careful with this kind of stuff. Ultra will not hurt your skin if you get it on you, nor kill you if you ingested it, but we would not recommend you doing that. Unlike EXTreme which has no odor, Ultra has a slight chemical odor but nothing like some of the other coolants which are out there.


Also, an important fact about Ultra is that it is Fluid XP+ which has been supplying computer coolants that are non-toxic and non-conductive since 2003. No one else has anywhere near that track record. We were the first and we still are the best value product out there and now with Ultra, that is even more of a fact.


In making a coolant that was designed for PC Enthusiasts we had to consider several things, one of those was to make a coolant that could be customized for the use. Knowing who would be using it we made Ultra with very clever and unique properties which give you, the expert, flexibility of what you want to accomplish. Having more years of seeing the results of running liquid cooled systems than anyone else we learned some very important information and that has helped in making Ultra.


We found out several interesting facts after running water cooled systems for a number of years and then looking at the data. The first thing that we had to look at is the fact of what could we put into Ultra to make it be the coolant we wanted it to be. Our research along with help from energy labs let us to the discovery of a unique compound that we call z7. z7 has some very unique properties and has to be made with a unique process.


Z7’s first benefit was to address the problem we found in 100% of all evaluated liquid cooled systems. The problem we found was no matter which system we looked at from several different manufactures of water cooling components, we found that there was always particles floating in the system and stuck to the sides, ports, crevices and cracks everywhere we examined. After analysis, we found that many of these particles were actually metallic, rubber and plastic which led us to the conclusion of the presence of erosion. This happens in all liquid cooled systems whether just using water or a coolant.


Because of this erosion systems were degraded and parts were faulty. The system no longer functioned properly and the flow was greatly diminished. So we knew that we needed to address this problem in order to make a coolant that gave the experienced overclocker and heat producer peace of mind and safety.


Here’s what happens when a solid particle hits z7, the particle becomes enveloped in a molecular cocoon causing the particle to become one with the liquid. This then prevents particles attaching themselves to other particles found in the liquid. So when one of these encapsulated particles now touches the side of the tube it acts as if it was liquid and just slips on by. This is an amazing feature insomuch that independent tests have show that even after shaving particles of different metals which are found in a system, the particles don’t act like their metallic and the conductivity of Ultra does not change. This of course gives Ultra the ability to maintain its non-conductivity longer than any other computer coolant. This is why the government and military are so interested in Ultra for other uses as well.


Our coolants have always went under the stringent of testing, we have had our coolants tested by not one but two U.S. government accredited independent labs in which they test for non-conductivity, we are still the only computer coolant that has any scientific documentation backing up its claims. Something that you might want to consider, when you are choosing that coolant, to run in your very expensive liquid cooled rig.


No one comes close to the research and technology we have behind our coolants and especially behind what Ultra can do. Now the other amazing thing about Ultra is what happens after you put it into your system with different metals. When the metal surfaces come in contact with Ultra they are covered with a barrier several molecular layers deep. This barrier then prevents corrosion and erosion to take place and also aids in stopping galvanic corrosion or battery effect corrosion which is found in many liquid based systems.


This allows the PC Enthusiast to experiment with different products made from different types of metals without having to worry about changing their coolant all the time. Some other coolants throw in a corrosive inhibitor which just flows around in the liquid and can even separate having zero effectiveness. Ultra does not have that problem as the science behind it bonds all of the components of the liquid together to become as one liquid. Ultra is so unique that you can even add up to 30% distilled or deionized water and not adjust its unique properties except the freezing point. Because of its unique properties the water will mix very easily with the coolant almost like it is absorbed by the liquid.


Ultra has a freeze point of -100 degrees but you can customize by diluting which will bring up your freeze point but better your thermal transfer. Again, very customizable for many different situations.


Because of the unique compounds we have utilized, we have found that your colors will be much richer and last a lot longer in Ultra.


So remember, Ultra has a lot of research and proof behind it, and as all of our products we make, we back it up. Fluid XP+ continues to show why it is the choice of more water cooled system builders than all of the rest.