Febuary 3rd, 2009. What is Nano-Fluid? Using Nano-Technology and renewable resource materials we are now able to offer the most advanced electronic cooling fluid ever. Nano-Fluid is based off of the Eco-earth ingredients and the performance of Fluid XP+ Extreme. This unique combination gives the best in performance, reliability and safety.

Nano-Fluid has over 15,000 hours of real world testing in a hydrogen fuel cell to stake its claims for non-conductivity and non-corrosiveness. While the Nano-Fluid was designed to be used in a fuel cell, its application to the computer cooling world is a great benefit.

How does it work? Simply the Nano-Technology stops ions from attaching themselves to the coolant, creating a molecular barrier around the coolant. Unlike other coolants which contain harmful substances like ethylene glycol, which have salts that corrode and become conductive, Nano-Fluid is all Eco based with non-ionic corrosive inhibitors, which contain no salts and no corrosive properties.

Nano-Fluid is made in America where quality is highly scrutinized to meet all product claims. Nano-Fluid is a great value when you consider its cost versus what it will do for you. If you want the very best in computer coolants, once again the top choice is Fluid XP+ Nano-Fluid.

How Do The Nano-Particles Work?

A water based coolant can pick up both positive and negative ions from various components of the cooling system and become electrically conductive over time. Fluid XP+ Nano-Fluid is designed to suppress the formation of these ions by two different mechanisms. First mechanism deals with the use of non-ionic corrosion inhibitors that reduce the rate of corrosion of the metal components, which otherwise would increase the concentration of the ions in the coolant. The second mechanism of ion suppression is by utilizing nano-particles in the coolant that would react with the free ions and immobilize them. Once the free ions are immobilized by the nano-particles, they do not contribute towards the electrical conductivity. Nano-particles are designed to immobilize both the positive and negative ions in the coolant.

Recommended temperature range:

Closed System: -29°C (-20°F) to 80°C (176°F)

Nano-Fluid is specially designed to offer an electrical conductivity less than 1 μS/cm for use in fuel cell and electronics cooling applications. Nano-Fluid has been proven to maintain a low electrical conductivity (< 10 μS/cm) for over one year in PEM fuel cells.

Boiling Point___ 109.4°C
Melting Point: -45.5°C
Flash Point: None
Autoignition None
Density, g/ml: 1.047
Refractive Index (20°C) 1.392
Viscosity, cP (20°C) 12.1
Specific Gravity (22°C) 1.043
Electrical Conductivity, μS/cm °C) 0.330
Specific Heat , J/g°C (20°C) 3.23