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When the Fluid XP+ computer technology liquid coolant first came on the scene in 2003 it was already in the process of being made better. As always, Fluid XP+ computer liquid coolant is consistently being re-evaluated on how it can be made better. This is the reason why it is so much more advanced than any other electronic liquid coolant for applications of technology in the world.

While many companies have tried copying our products, we continue to research and develop new ways to make it better and safer for your applications.

For this reason ECO-EARTH was born, the world’s first and only computer thermo transfer coolant,made in the USA, that is not made by conventional means, but from totally renewable resource materials. It also continues to have premium performance that has always stood for the Fluid XP+ computer liquid coolant brand.

What is ECO-EARTH? What we did was take our award winning state of the art EXTreme coolant, and developed new base ingredients to produce the coolant using a renewable environmentally safe resource material.

How is this different? All other computer liquid coolants use some type of mixture of deionized or mineral free water and some type of glycol based product. These are essentially the 2 main ingredients, along with other additives which enhance what the coolant can do. These ingredients combine to suspend the ionic absorption which causes conductivity, which no coolant company has even got close to our stats.

However, up to this point all glycols are based from either a toxic substance like ethylene glycol or non-toxic substance like some propylene glycols. Not all glycols are alike but one thing is for sure that there is no glycol more toxic than ethylene glycol, if an animalingests this it is deadly and if ingested by a child it can also be fatal, this is the same glycol used in automobiles.

Our ECO-EARTH computer liquid coolant has neither glycol but an ingredient which has the same characteristics as glycol but none of the harmful liquid coolant It was not enough for us just to have a safer non-toxic coolant but to go the final step and make it so safe that it could be considered a “green” or eco-friendly product.

Making this happen took a lot of testing and development, something that no one else does and that no one else provides independent lab testing results. Again, we are the only company in the world that does both.

How does it perform? In all of the tests we have run as well as independent beta testers it performs as well as or better than our EXTreme coolant both in non-conductivity and thermal transfer.

Who should use ECO-EARTH? Anyone who cares about our planet, and its resources. This can be poured down the drain without any problem to the earth or even your immediate area. Now we give everyone a choice that they can now choose to help the planet or not. Once again being the leader in the computer liquid coolant industry.

Laboratory Statistics:
Non-Toxic: FDA has given all ingredients in this fluid the same classification given to common products used in such things as ice cream and perfumes. Recognized As Safe (GRAS).

Conductivity (Electrical) 5.7 microSiemens/cm
Conductivity (Thermal, Conductance (k), Calculated) Approx. 3.6 Btu-in./Hr-ft²-ºF
Conductivity (Thermal, Specific Heat (C), Calculated) Approx. .94 Btu/lb/F.
Vapor Pressure psia @(ºF) 17.5 (68), 31.05 (86), 13.15 (211)
Freeze Point, (ASTM D1177-94 Standard) -12.5ºF (-24.5ºC)
Boiling Point 211ºF (99.44ºC)
Viscosity, (Canon Fiske Standard) @ 20ºC 4.37 centiStokes
Viscosity, (Canon Fiske Standard) @ 40ºC 2.50 centiStokes
Viscosity, (Lyondell Data Sheet) @ 85ºC 0.85 centiStokesEvaporation Rate (Weight Loss) 0.49 mg/cm-min (DI Water 0.660 mg/cm-min)Evaporation Rate (Relative to DI Water) 0.74Specific Gravity @ 20/20C 1.027
Density (@ 50 ºF) 1.029 Flash Point, None
Fire Point, NonePH 7.0