FluidXP Ultra Lt – Proven Ability After 5 Years Of Service with ‘SteamPunk Frankenstein’

Hello my name is Dana Mattocks and I created the 8 foot Computer proudly named “SteamPunk Frankenstein”, which may be found on Google images and various blogs around the Internet.   I began building my Water Cooling Computer project in the early year of 2007.  As I put together the Artwork for the Computer Mod, my twin brother Kevin Mattocks conducted the technical research for its hardware water cooling performance and longevity.  Shown listed, there are many questions to consider when approaching this type of cooling system for a long term and permanent solution.

What is the science of oxidation using different metals together in this environment?

What kind of maintenance and longevity will this bring?

Will I have troubles with murky water, Algae and Bio Gunk growing in the tubes?

Will my expensive tubing become cloudy, start yellowing or become hard?

Will I constantly be filling this system with more fluid as it evaporates?

Will I have to conduct periodic fluid changes over the years to serve as maintenance?

Since this computer is 8 feet tall, how do I pump fluids up and down that high?

What size hose do I use, what viscosity of fluid do I choose?

Most importantly, will the fluid that I use cause problems shorting out electronics if it ever leaked or will it kill the dog like Antifreeze if ingested?

To answer these questions that were posed before us, we were pleasantly amazed with the outcome of our decisions as shown listed below.  

Cooling Loop #1-CPU/Northbridge: Cooling Loop #2-Dual GPU/Southbridge:
FluidXP Ultra LT (Alien Green) FluidXP Ultra LT (Alien Green)  
Copper Water Block-EK Supreme CPU Block Copper Water Block-(2) EK-FC8800 GTX waterblocks
Copper Water Block-EK Chipset Block Copper Water Block-EK Chipset Block
Radiator-ThermoChill PA 120.3 Radiator-ThermoChill PA120.3
Pump-Swiftech MCP655-B Pump-Swiftech MCP655-B
Reservoir-EK Multi-Option Rev. 2 Reservoir-EK Multi-Option Rev.2
Fans-3x 120mm Yate Loon Fans-3x 120mm Yate Loon
Tubing-Tygon R-3603 Laboratory, 1/8″ Wall Tubing-Tygon R-3603 Laboratory, 1/8″ Wall

The greatest secret to our Water Cooling success was truly the use of FluidXP Ultra Lt.  Even though we used high quality parts to assemble this system, there is no doubt in our minds that this fluid was the perfect choice.   It has been greater than 5 years and I have used this computer every day for general use and then quite extensively for system Overclocking and Video Gaming. 

FluidXP Ultra Lt flows perfectly through my 16 feet of Tygon R-3603 tubing (1/2” and 3/8” combined).  After 5 years I am proud to say that I am currently upgrading my computer Motherboard, CPU, GPU, PSU and Memory but I have not had to replace one component of the water cooling investment except of course a couple new water blocks. 

Because of FluidXP Ultra Lt, all of my tubing is crystal clear, pliable and without Algae.   With 16 feet of tubing there will of course be some level of fluid evaporation but I have only had to add from ½ to ¾ of a bottle in those five years.  Because I am now upgrading my hardware, I am excited to announce changing my FluidXP ‘Alien Green’ color to the latest and newest color ‘Vampire Blood Red’.  

In the end I believe that scientifically this computer can honestly prove the value and worth of using FluidXP Ultra Lt in a system designed to be free of maintenance. After reading of the many troubles and issues that consume other Computer Modders and Enthusiasts I greatly appreciate the technology that this cooling fluid has brought to the market.   Look, I’m just like everyone else out there trying to find quality products and I firmly believe that this will be the last fluid product you will ever need for your ‘Water Cooling Mods’.  Attached is a brief description of the FluidXP Ultra Lt from their website http://www.fluidxp.com/

Ultra LT
What is Ultra LT coolant? As the great innovator of the water cooled PC industry now for over 5 years, we constantly are researching a way to make a better product for all of our loyal users around the world. We always beta test our products with end users to see what everyone wants, thus it has allowed us to make another product better.
We took our Ultra with Z7 concentrated coolant, introduced in 2007, which was formulated for experienced water cool PC enthusiasts to, customized their coolant per use and made a new formulation designed to be ready right out of the bottle for anyone else.

Ultra LT uses the same ingredients as our regular Ultra except the viscosity is much less so that it will work in any system no matter how small the tubing or how slow the pumping system.
Everything else is the same, still comes in all the great UV and Non-UV colors and has the award winning patent pending z7 additive for biological control and its award winning corrosion protection. Best of all, it is very affordable and safe! Made from Non-Toxic base ingredients it still maintains its Non-Conductive rating that no other coolant on the planet can touch.
Simply put, there is no other coolant at this price which gives you this kind of high performance cooling and features. You may have tried the rest so now use the best!

Dana Mattocks,
“SteamPunk Frankenstein Mod”

Dana Mattocks



I can recall a few years ago while I was priming a liquid cooling system, and some of the coolant shot out onto my face while it was under pressure. Imagine if that coolant had been toxic! Believe it or not, some liquid coolants out there are! I could have really hurt myself if I hadn’t been using FluidXP+. It may not taste great, but I promise that it will not harm you. This is a no-frills product that REALLY does what it claims! It doesn’t need fancy packaging or hyped up claims to sell because it is the real deal. I know the owner of Integrity-PC personally, that is the company that owns FluidXP+. I can personally attest that he is an honorable business person who really cares about the quality of his product. It is rare to find a company like this, that is 100% honest and cares more about their product’s quality then their sales volume. If you really want the best liquid coolant solution for your PC, this is definitely it! Thank you FluidXP+ for making such a great line of products!”

Michael Samson
Original Founder of ArcticMOD.com

Michael Samson


I just want to give a shout out to the makers of this coolant, recently my son and I were building a system using a pump that I brought home from where I work. The pressure was pretty high and my son did not put the hose clamps on tight enough. You guessed it fluid went everywhere, including directly into his face and eyes. I immediately wiped his face off with a nearby towel and rinsed his eyes out. Thank God he did not experience any discomfort or irritation. When we called the family doctor and told them what happened they immediately had us take him in for examination. Our doctor was very concerned about our son when I told him that he had been sprayed with a computer coolant. However, after he saw that the coolant was non-toxic (we took the bottle in) and thoroughly examined Tony he reported that there was no damage to his eyes in anyway. In fact, he told me point blank that if it had been an antifreeze type coolant that he could have had serious damage to his eyes. So from our entire family, we want to express our great gratitude for your company to be concerned enough for bumblers like me and make your fabulous products. I will tell this event to many people over and over again. Thanks again and God bless. . .
J. Skinner



I just wanted to say thanks for your great products. I purchased your coolant because it was made in the USA and had all the testing docs that Jake so willingly supplied me copies of before I made my purchase. I have used now 5 bottles of the different products and colors and have not been at all by either the performance and the colors, I especially like the new Midnight Blue UV that you have come up with. You can definitely tell the color is much richer now, kudos for making great products that can still be purchased in the U.S. . .
R. Johnson, Detroit



I first saw your coolants at the PDX lan last year as I had been using distilled water with dye. I ordered your Alien Green HP from Frozen CPU and have been using the same bottle now for about 7 months. The color is still just like it was when I got it and it works great. I am planning on using it in my new mod next month. I am going to try the Phantom Black this time as it will be an all clear case. I hope that you guys do a dark green color soon as that is what my girlfriend likes. . .
S. Lister, TX



All I can say is radical stuff, you dudes are the bomb, met you guys at the show. You guys are definitely the reason why I took the chance to do a water cooling rig . .
Phazer T.



You know, accidents happen and man am I glad that I was using your stuff. I had just drained my system and someone rang the doorbell. By the time I got back my 4 year old son had accidentally knocked over the container which had my coolant and our dog was busy licking it up. Must have tasted pretty good to him I guess. By the time I was able to get Ginger our cocker to the vet several hours had past but she seemed to be ok. Once the vet examined her he said we would just have to wait and see if there was going to be a problem or not that time would tell. I am happy to report to you Ginger is fine and my wife and I are very thankful for your product being safe. Ginger is your friend for life. . .

Bruce, Sally, Timmy and of course Ginger.

Bruce, Sally, Timmy & Ginger